If you’ve grown up in Spain, or ever lived there for that matter, you will already know that “sangria” is a very broad concept and that each family has its own recipe. However, there are certain elements that have to be present in order for a drink to truly be called sangria.

This is recognised by the European Union Regulation n.251/2014, which states only producers in Spain and Portugal can use the sales denomination “sangría/sangria” on their products. In addition, there are mandatory characteristics such as having at least 50% wine content, using citrus fruits in its production, and ensuring the absence of artificial colourings.

At Sangria Republic you can enjoy the refreshing essence of this drink, but in a format and flavour in tune with the times. Our three unique flavours follow these rules to the letter… In an innovative style.

  • In essence, the main difference is that sangria is a drink that has to follow certain rules in its preparation and ingredients.
  • Tinto de verano can have any proportion of wine and soda, it does not have to have fruit, and it can have artificial alcohol (or no alcohol at all). In addition, artificial colouring can also be added.
  • On the other hand, sangria must have at least 50% wine content, it is flavoured with citrus fruits, usually contains spices, and its colour must come from the ingredients it contains, not from artificial dyes.

No. To be considered sangria, it must have a minimum alcohol volume of 4.5% and a maximum of 12%.

Sure! In fact, we encourage you to do so. You can use it in cocktails of your choice and serve it chilled – discover your new favourite cocktail!


Yes, yes and yes! Every single flavour of Sangria Republic is made from organic, vegan and naturally gluten-free ingredients to make sure no one misses out on the party.

As it is made with wine, Sangria Republic does contain a minimal amount of sulphites.

Thanks to the pasteurisation process, you’ll be able to enjoy your sangria for a long time, as it DOES NOT EXPIRE. Stock up when you want and enjoy them when it suits you best.

If in doubt, you can identify the production date from the batch code on the bottom of the cans.

As you already know if you’ve made it this far, you can enjoy Sangria Republic in 3 different flavours.

Our Sangria with Orange respects the traditional recipe.

On the other hand, our other two varieties, with Yuzu and Grapefruit, are two original recipes that you can only find in Sangria Republic and that are trademarked.


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