Sparkling Sangria Pink Grapefruit, Juniper & Tonic x 12

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12 BOTTLE PACK X 275ml

Clear in color but aromatic and slightly tangy.

Our sparkling Spanish white wine sangria with citrus peel and hints of Mediterranean mountain herbs, is seriously refreshing!

All-natural ingredients, with no added sugar, spring water and ONLY 5% Alc/Vol.

Serving Recommendation:

Serve very cold in a Copa glass with lots of ice.

*Be creative and add maybe some grains of paradise or a shot of your favorite spirit.

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Sagnria made with natural ingredients.
No added sugars, preservatives or additives.
Vegan and celiac friendly — GLUTEN-FREE!
And with only 5% Alc/Vol.!

Are you the kind of person who knows how to mix Latin rhythms and Top 40 pop music like no other? This Sangria Republic, which combines the best of the British Isles and the Mediterranean, is named after you!

Refresh yourself by adding a dash of ice and a lot of partying, or use its slightly bitter and aromatic flavour to make a surprising mix with London Dry Gin like these!


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